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Andrew Sparrow: Pluto's Crossing | Stephen Powell Music Services
Andrew Sparrow - Pluto's Crossing

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The CD recording of Andrew Sparrow's second orchestral suite - Pluto's Crossing, composed in 2015, has been released in 2020 on the Centaur label in America. It follows on from Chiaroscuro Suite with another set of captivating pieces written to commemorate the historic fly-past of planet Pluto by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft in July 2015.

Once again, the rich orchestrations and melody style capture the essence of this historic space visit. Andrew Sparrow's original compositions are beautifully recorded, melodically and sensitively interpreted by the Czech Film Orchestra

SPMS worked throughout 2015 with composer Andrew Sparrow on the orchestration of
Pluto's Crossing and to prepare the full score and instrumental parts prior to the recording.
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