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Transcription Services

Original Compositions

If you are a composer, songwriter or instrumentalist who does not readily work in music notation, your recorded work can be transcribed and produced into professionally printed scores and instrumental parts.

Music played into sequencers can be saved as standard midi files to work from. Alternatively music can be transcribed from audio recordings.


It is also possible to transcribe and produce original scored arrangements of pre-existing music.

A detailed price list for Arranging and Transcribing is available on the
Transcription Prices page. Postage and Packing information can be found on the Postage Rates page.

Important Note

The fee for an arrangement or transcription project, as found on the
Transcription Prices page, will be ADDED to the price for producing the printed score and and instrumental part requirements, as outlined on the Engraving and Scoring Prices page. These costs are based on the minimum recommended rates issued by the UK Musicians' Union.

I am often asked to transcribe music from an audio recording in order to produce a printed, scored version. Please bear in mind that this is a two-stage process - the actual listening and transcribing of the music from the recording itself, followed by the work to produce a printed score. This can be a lengthy process - even a three or four minute song/piece can take a number of hours to accurately transcribe from an audio recording. The final cost will therefore be more expensive than the production of scores from handwritten music or midi files.

All original arrangements are my copyright. Please note that, by working on your projects, SPMS is not providing you with any copyright authority or clearance for the music. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary licences or copyright clearance for the performance of music, in the arrangements you request, from the holder of the original copyright.
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